A simple, expressive, open-source, text-file-based Job Scheduler with console, HTTP, and RESTful API interfaces.
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TaskForest Version 1.24 Released

This release introduces the concept of tokens. A token is a new kind of dependency. If a job depends on a token, it must acquire a free token before it can run, or wait for another job to release a token after completion. Since there is a finite set of tokens, you can use tokens to prevent too many jobs from running at the same time.

For example, if there are 20 jobs that rely on token T, but only 5 instances of the token, only a maximum of 5 of those jobs may run at the same time.

This release also formalizes the way Families with foreign time zones are handled. This allows you to 'time shift' your family, essentially allowing your family to run for 24 hours in a later timezone. This shifts the end of day towads the end of the family's running time.

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